Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pain Medicine Gastric Acid

 Every person must know very tasty pumpkin made ​​daily meal and everyone also knows that pumpkins darting through many properties to cure various diseases.

Many of the ads and articles in every form of media discourse displays the properties of a pumpkin but do not provide a way to process how a pumpkin itself so that it can later be used as a drug.
Here I will explore in detail how the process of a pumpkin as a cure for the disease due to the high acid or gastric ulcer we call also. Pumpkins used here does not have to be great but it depends on who is going to manage it so that the pumpkin can be spent in a day, the materials that will be used as follows:
1. Pumpkin 1 piece of fruit
2. Rock sugar to taste

How to make it:

for the construction of a pumpkin so that readers know the process is at 4:30 am before the dawn call to prayer time entry.

Clean the top of the pumpkin pieces in a zig zag mark beforehand so that when closed it is not wrong (as in the picture).

Then wash the pumpkin from seed to clean and wash the inside, after washing the pumpkin is reversed until the water had dried laundry.

Once the pumpkin is dry, turn it over again and enter into the rock sugar to taste the pumpkin and then close again to cover the top of the pumpkin that had to equate corresponding marks made.

Expected at the time of steaming for 15 minutes, do not boil water when steaming up the pumpkin (see arrows in the figure).
After completion of steamed pumpkin should be consumed or dihabis 1 (one) of a pumpkin in a day, and be consumed for 7 consecutive days.
Good luck .....